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Denim Squared

October 12, 2013









I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect denim top (that isn’t a button down) and I finally found it at H&M, where I find almost everything else I need. Had the sudden urge to ransack my closet for these matching H&M jeggings. It turned out a little jumpsuit-looking but I don’t mind. Jumpsuits are a want that don’t translate well to my humble 5’2″ stature so the look minus the accompanying disproportionate crotch is always welcome.

Planned on doing a two-way styling post for this top but the number of photos was bound to get overwhelming so just consider this part one of two. The head to ankle H&M look reveals how much of a sucker for H&M I really am but aren’t we all? I’m more of a sucker for my shoes though that I wrote a love letter to here. Can’t wait to get more pieces to fall in love with and I promise I won’t write letters to all of them.

Next on the denim hunt: a knee-length or calf-length denim skirt. Know where I can find one?

Btw, there’s a FourEyes giveaway ongoing here.

And there’s also a survey dying to be answered here. 

Top, jeggings and headband, H&M | Heels, VALENTINO | Bag, ALEXANDER WANG

Yeah, You, Rockstud

October 10, 2013

A Love Letter To My Shoes


Hey Stud,

I’ve been noticing you for a while now. You seem like the shy type, not too aggressive but still ending up on the feet of many. Not that it was a turn-off. For the first time, I didn’t mind sharing something with others. And there are many, many others. I know. You practically dominate my Instagram feed. But like any 21st century stalker would, that’s just my way of keeping up to date with your polygamous ways. And to disprove any illusions of clingyness on my end, I repeat: I don’t mind.

I don’t know how you (and your box) fell into my lap – things happened so fast. One minute I was trying you on, the next I was handing my credit card with the words “that’s the last size 5” ringing in my ear, but that’s really beside the point.

I’ve been ogling you since purchase, wearing you solely in bed for fear of actually taking you out and getting you rained on. Why that’s a worry I’m not sure anymore, but just like love, I don’t have to be logical when it comes to you. The day I did wear you out, you were showered, not with love, but with rain. But in some The Notebook-like moment, I knew, we could get past any (literal) storm. (I would just have to really clean both you and my feet afterwards. It gets gross.)

You’re the protective type, too, and I love you for it. I’ve already envisioned, with the help of my NCIS obsession, so many ways you could save my life with your studs serving as my lethal weapon. I am given a constant reminder when I try to cross my legs and it hurts. But that’s okay. I know it’s for my safety anyway.

I’m not usually this crazy, nor this bold, even. PDA, especially online, is not really my thing. But I guess I now just realized why they coined the term falling head over heels. Obviously coined by a girl, obviously about literal heels. (It wasn’t though, on both counts –  I just checked – but I like making general sweeping statements.) Anyway, I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you, planning on subtly mentioning you in an outfit post, but you deserve more than that.

I would like to go back to a story about your namesake, the one and only Valentino Garavani. I read that in partner Giancarlo Giammetti’s new memoir, Private, (to be released Oct. 15th), he mentions in the opening line, “I’ve always felt that my life began when I met Valentino.”

And maybe, just maybe, that’s how we’ll be too?

Or is that another sweeping statement we obviously can’t uphold? *clingy tear*




p.s. We look good together, don’t you think? 

Higher Heights

October 7, 2013









Full disclosure: it’s taken me a while to figure out the (life) direction I wanted to take. And while I know it can easily change in a couple of years, or months even should the Universe decide to intervene, I feel pretty good – ready to embrace new opportunities and let go of those that drag me down. (I found that it’s never easy to say no and leave but coming to peace with it is a huge sigh of relief.)

I semi-intended on taking photos in some area with long winding roads just to portray my sense of direction better but I guess I went vertically instead with a rooftop shoot (hopefully the symbolical height translates in my life too.)

To celebrate (read: more like to find a reason to dress up), I wore this beautiful BCBG dress that I was so lucky to have found on sale. It completely robs me of any illusion of a figure whatsoever but that’s just the way I like it. Also debuted my new Valentino heels that I am absolutely head over heels (pun intended) in love with. I think it’s the perfect shoe and I’m seriously considering wearing it to my wedding. Debating whether a post dedicated to it is necessary but I just might ‘coz the love I have for it needs to be immortalized somewhere.

This outfit sashayed its way into Stylebible’s Virtual Style Awards where Stybebible awarded digital game changers. Congratulations to all the winners: Tricia Gosingtian (Best Wardrobe Blogger), Fold Canela (Fashion Film Maker), Divine Lee (Best Celebrity Site), Jenni Eperson (Online Reporter), Nikki Tiu (Beauty Blogger), Your Evil Twin (Photographer), Thursday Room (Online Portfolio), KC Concepcion (Twitter Microblogger) and Kim Jones (Instagram Microblogger). What I appreciate about awards like this is that it encourages (and maybe, even demands?) a higher standard of internet perusal. And, well, finding out that Kim Jones, Instagram Microblogger winner, and I share the same filter is weirdly reassuring.

Oh, before I forget, they also showed a few videos and I just wanted to share my favorites – they not only make light of fashion (which is a breather) but they’re also very entertaining.

P.S. Get ready for a heart attack (clue: second vid). I literally jumped in my seat. Enjoy!

Dress, BCBG Generation | Heels, VALENTINO | Contacts, FRESH LOOK JET BLACK

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