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Let’s Talk About Flats

August 3, 2013

There’s a reason I forced my recently chopped hair into a (baby) ponytail and under a headband. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Very rarely do I wear flats. I guess it’s because I’ve been unfortunate to have purchased ones that require a lengthy breaking in period. And when your bandaids are all spent not on actual wounds but on preventive measures should the back of your shoe dig into your ankle’s flesh – which it will, given a good number of meters travelled – you probably need to reassess your footwear. I do have about two that I own solely for walking purposes (they may or may not resemble your normal flip-flops. I won’t tell.) 

I happened to attend the launch of Le Bunny Bleu in the new East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza and was a little overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all. I know I refer to anything that catches my eye as ‘cute’ but this actually is. The brand, originally from New York, carries solely flats (pun intended) in the most feminine of styles – even their oxfords are painted in muted colors. As a non-flats wearer I had no idea which pair to choose so I ended up with  something familiar – a pair that’s black and entirely lace. Below are some photos from the launch for your shoe-lust/pleasure.


photos from

I decided to give my new flats a spin – several times actually. And after mall-hopping, store sprinting and even airport walking, I’m actually really loving my new pair. (I haven’t used any bandaids either.) 

So as a tribute to my new pair that renders my feet painless, here’s an outfit inspired by it.









My new Le Bunny Bleus have entailed a difference in my walk, a sort of ballerina’s gait, if you will (or at least I’d like to think it resembles something as graceful), more evident when contrasted with the heavy dragging of my already painful feet in heels/pumps/whatever other height-lending footwear I own.

To match its delicateness, I opted for classic Breton stripes (from Giordano), a frilly skirt and a floral headband. Balanced those out with these flare lenses from Fly Shades and my new Alexander Wang bag – debuting the exposed hardware that renders raw and rough elements to just about anything. I love it so much it might just get its own open letter.

On the downside, I pretty much have to deal with my real height. But that’s probably a small price to pay (pun intended. again.) Let’s start a flats revolution that won’t entail anyone looking up just to have a decent conversation, yes?


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