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Baring It

July 22, 2013








I have absolutely zero idea where I drew courage from the day I walked out of the house with my belly button exposed. After the first hour (or, more accurately, after the first five minutes – still five minutes too late to run back to the house to grab another, more meal-friendly top), regret sunk in. I probably didn’t realize I’d be out for more than 10 hours. Or if I did, the weight of that fact seemed to escape me.

I made mental note to take outfit shots before ingesting anything and only started to breathe regularly again as my lens cap locked in place. The rest of the day was then spent with a jacket around my waist. Not kidding. Starting to second guess whether I should publish this or not so I’m typing fast before I decide against it and have it stuck in my drafts like a whole bunch of other outfit posts.

Took out my new Penshoppe jeans for a spin – which I got for Php499. (499!) Their sale is insane. Tried to rack my brain for denim outfits I could try this jeans month and on the top of my list was a  crop-top+jeans combo. I immediately set out to find my favorite Proudrace crop top. I also decided to give this Everyday Runway by Abby Jocson bag a test run – an announcement on it to be made later. (Clue: it involves you and proprietorship.)  Really wanted to take detail shots of my denim’s buttons – a bit unforgiving yet interesting – but I couldn’t. The proximity of the camera to my belly freaked me out. Next time my torso is covered though, I will.

To be honest, until I get legit washboard abs (which may take a lifetime), I will stick to baring midriffs (solely) and keeping my belly button safely tucked under whatever fabric I can cover it with.


Join in on the #GetYourJeansOn fun this July and head over to the nearest SM Department store or any denim brand of choice. Follow @smsupermalls for more information. 


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