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Summer Beauty Kit

April 22, 2013

summer essentials

While I get that the usual summer essentials would include mostly sunblock, lip balms, etc., this year I have a few other essentials I’ve been having a hard time dealing without. I therefore present four items – all (at least most) of which I will be including in the nooks of my luggage (which, note to self, I should not forget to check in lest they get confiscated).

First, the TRESemme Spray, an item I have been dying to get my hands on. My hair seems to be at an awkward length prompting me to debate with myself whether to get it chopped off again or not. Last time I was at the beach though I had a new bob and had no locks to play with so this year I will at least try to get beach waves with whatever length I am left to play with.

Second, the new Stem Cell Line of Flawless. According to Flawless CEO Rubby Sy, the line is perfect for people who spend late nights partying or in front of the monitor. While my bedtime is quite early, the monitor and I do spend a lot of time together so that pitch in itself appeals to me. What I also especially like is the fact that it repairs dry skin (my face is, unfortunately, very dehydrated) and dark spots (which now seem like a constellation all over my face. When all of them finally disappear I will let you know.) 

L’Oreal’s BB Cream is a product I am running low on due to over-abuse. Personally, I think it’s too hot for anything powder based and again, my face needs anything liquid/cream-based. As with any other BB cream, it supposedly battles multiple issues at once but I personally love the matte finish. I am on the verge of needing to hoard. (Stores, watch out.) 

Last, is Nivea’s Whitening Serum. At one point 2 years ago I tried tanning (even rubbing beer all over myself for that supposed golden glow) and concluded that it did not look good on me. Some people can pull it off, I just can’t. So on every beach trip since, sunblock and whitening lotions have always been in tow. I feel a lot more prepared now that I got a hold of the “Philippines’s first and only intensive whitening and repair serum for the body.” It offers a lot more benefits than I can list down but what I can share is that it works double (even triple) than your average whitening lotion. It even has tons of vitamins that ensure not only whiter but healthier skin.

I have about 10 days to go until Boracay. Throwing these all in my luggage pretty soon.

What are your summer essentials?

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