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Summer Frame of Mind

April 9, 2013


Argument 1: Summer equals romper.

Argument 2: My only romper is black.

Conclusion (which was, by the way, proven after hours under the sun): I sometimes make regrettable shopping choices.

Aside from the fact that my argument rhetoric needs serious overhaulin’, my summer wardrobe does too. Prickly heat in my current staples – blacks, knits and a hefty amount of fabric – just isn’t bearable. Shoving ice cubes down my spine is, although tempting, something I would never torment myself with.

But I digress. Let’s go back to said romper in trial. Although the fabric’s pretty much thin and the shorts foldable (yes, they were folded for maximum thigh exposure), said garment still is black. I got it about two years ago and only wore it out now mostly because I never really figured out where to hang the garterized waist. #truestory
Okay fine, the truth is that it wouldn’t have been so bad had we removed an outdoor shoot from the equation – which is really the only reason I’m complaining about shopping discretions. Hours spent under the sun (some of it under the shade of whatever palm tree/lamp post I could find), brought about a slightly ridiculous fear of getting a romper-tan. Jamba Juice made my life a little more bearable. And if you were wondering, although I wouldn’t mind (maybe even wish?) given the chance, I am not endorsing Jamba Juice in any way. I just happened to hear about their Secret Menu and have been obsessively ticking fruity mixes off that checklist one drink at a time (much to the dismay of my wallet, really.)
Seriously though, I need to get in a Boracay-frame-of-mind (and body?) stat.

Romper, FOREVER21 | Color-block pumps, CMG | Sunglasses, FORME

ph by Gerry Robinson

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  1. April 9, 2013 2:07 pm

    Omyyy! I am in love with this look! Black themed outfits for summer is awesome! ♥ Love to see more outfit posts ♥ I’m so excited to see you at BU5 :”>


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