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Fictional Athlete

February 23, 2013

floral2floralfloral3 floral4floralr

Yes, I play football.

Yeah right. Even I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around the idea of declaring fictional athletic prowess so I wore the least sporty thing I could find – luminous floral pants. Had them since forever (aka last season) but only appreciated them fully now. Maybe because summer is just around the corner and the annual Boracay planning is in the works.  Speaking of Boracay, I should really start working on that beach body soon. I can’t let go of my ramen vice just yet but maybe come March I’ll start to eat a little healthily.

Maybe I do need to start some sport. Football perhaps?

It would be perfect if I could think of some hyper-blogging scenario incorporating planking and other heavy, painful sounding terms. Laptop lunges? Shoe lifting? Outfit planks? No? Any other brilliant ideas? 

Top, OLD NAVY | Floral pants, SM GTW | Heels, ALEXANDER WANG | Earrings, VIVA LA MANIKA

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