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Shine Bright

January 20, 2013

af eb c

All dainty in my admission that I actually do not have that much swag – I didn’t want to deceive you (if you ever were) with all those beanie posts. Not to mention, I had time (way too much) to dress up the other day. Jetlag is 100% to blame. Btw, since we’re on it, this post is being written at 4 in the morning. Although, more and more I’m realizing my side stories are probably of no interest to you. So…

Tried a couple of new things – 1) a bejewelled headband – which I would’ve been sporting sooner had stores offered me a palatable enough selection. I’ve been on the lookout for ages and 2) a middle part. Still assessing how I feel about my baby bangs being severely exposed so I’ll post this now, hurriedly, before I decide I hate the look.

Also, this beautiful Oxygen top would’ve gotten more vanity photos had it not been for the intense wind screwing everything (including me) up. I am telling you, had I stayed longer I would’ve flashed everyone – both top and bottom. I guess it’s just the universe’s way of saying I need to wear it out again (and if you read a recent post, ‘again’ means 10,000 more times).

I guess waking up early does have its sartorial perks. But honestly, jetlag’s still a b****.

Top, OXYGEN | Skirt and headband, FOREVER 21 | Bag, COACH | Pumps, ALEXANDER WANG (I love typing that)

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  1. January 22, 2013 8:24 am

    Very amazing! Every detail of the outfit is exceptional!!!!

  2. January 20, 2013 1:37 pm

    I love your shoes! (And the rest of the outfit too.) I think your “trying new things” adventure paid off. Great look.

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