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Lucky Me

June 5, 2012

Macrame top, RIO | High waist denim skirt, DAN CONCEPCION | Boots, OLD NAVY | Leopard print sunnies, FOREVER21 | Ponytail, GOODY 

Let me gush a bit about how talented my friends are. See this top I’m wearing? It’s by my good friend, Danika Navarro. Aside from being a fashion designer (and a blogger), she’s also a skilled graphic designer and has bagged several awards for both design fields.  This skirt I’m wearing is by another Dan, Daniel Concepcion, one of my closest friends. Daniel, is one of the most skilled dress-makers I know. A closer look at the skirt would reveal its lack of side seams. I personally can’t even sew side seams straight and this person decides to ditch side seams altogether and cut the fabric several times in this curved pattern (or whatever it is he did, my point is that it’s difficult.) They are both insane, I tell you. Insaaaane.

Lucky me, I get to wear their stuff.

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