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Folded & Hung x Eric de los Santos x Jerome Lorico

May 8, 2012

I have always been a fan of designers doing collaborations with brands and seeing retail giants recognizing talents of artists. F&H said a little something about collabs too and I like how they put it, so let me copy paste their statement:

Collaborations between brands and designers have been popular these days as it makes popularly-conceived high priced designer items within reach. This philosophy is true but more than being affordable, the general public is given access to the designs, art and ingenuity that designers are born with. 

Their tie-up with designers Eric de los Santos and Jerome Lorico has been on-going for two years already as it has been a hit. This season, Eric takes inspiration from the colors of the beach and translates that to flowy cover-ups, dresses, tops and bottoms for the ladies. Menswear designer Jerome, on the other hand, utilizes the laid-back feel of summer but adds a tailored twist in both short and long-sleeved polos. Also, he designs sandos inspired by the Brazilian rainforest – that means watermelon and parrot prints on that sleeveless favorite. Being a sando fan myself, I’m excited to head out to the menswear section of F&H and grab me some watermelons.

And for a little teaser, here are some of my favorite photos from the collection. Head out to Folded & Hung stores to see the rest. Happy shopping!

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