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Commercial Hair

April 20, 2012

This is a hair post. Be warned.

Cutout sleeveless button down, H&M | Skirt, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE | Oxfords, SOLE SERVICE | Snake necklace, LOVE DIVA | 4 finger ring, NAVA

Photos by Paul Mendoza

Here is the outfit I wore to Cream Silk’s blogger event. I am the ambassador of lazy dressing but since it was a blogger event, I thought I might as well throw on some accessories to avoid being under-dressed. I kid. But I really am falling madly in love with flats.

Enough of me and more of my hair. or Cream Silk. Truth be told, that was the most relaxing event I have ever been to. Well, it helped that the event was held at The Spa with a matching massage …aaaaand ‘salon’ hairstyling after. Oh, the joys of being pampered. It was a real stress-reliever in the midst of all the deadlines and the chaos.

Well the point was  for us to get to try Cream Silk’s new range called Perfection. You know those nano-particles that seep through hair to replenish the damaged cracks? Cream Silk developed a range with even smaller particles. It is more expensive than their normal products but that’s just because you benefit more from it. They have a daily conditioner, treatment, a leave-on and a detangling spray in the line. We tried it and, for real, felt like we had commercial hair. I think this new range is awesome – and this statement coming from me, ms. dry hair, means a lot. Try it yourself.

The bloggers! Vern, myself, Shen, Nikki and Marj with Cream Silk’s brand manager, Sarah in the middle!

Thank you Cream Silk! Had tons of fun! 

Oh btw, guess what. Just got a bob.

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