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SoFA Summer Workshops

February 23, 2012

Y’all know how much I love my school, SoFA, right? And now, I can share the experience with you! SoFA’s bringing you, in SoFA’s own words, a whole slew of design workshops this summer!

There’s the SoFA Fashion Teen Summer Camp from March 26-April 27 an intense 20-session workshop led by leading design practitioners in the industry.  The summer camp will cover the nook & cranny of fashion and design. It will be an intensive program aimed at providing aspiring teen designers with introductory skills and knowledge in design, inspiration conceptualization, sewing and patternmaking combined with various field trips and hands-on activities.

For the fashionable kids, there’s SoFA’s Kiddie Fashion Camp starting March 20. This is an 8-session workshop that teaches jewelry making, t-shirt designing, denim deconstruction and other ingenious creative outputs.

For those who want to go into make-up or to those who simply wanna learn, there’s a 4-session Basic Make up Techniques workshop that tackles anything from prepping, to blending, to day to night looks. For more experienced individuals who want to update their skills, there’s Advanced Make up Techniques that starts on May 5.

If you want to learn design foundations, SoFA offers Designing and Constructing Your Own Clothes and Illustration for Beginners both starting on March 17.

And because we’re not just a fashion school, we offer interior design courses and workshops as well. We have Renovating on a Budget and a 4-session workshop on Entertaining in Style – which would probably lead you to being hailed the best party planner in town.

SoFA also has a 6-session workshop on Visual Merchandising and the 8-session Business of Interior Design workshop, merging both the design and business aspects.

And look! SoFA even has a 6-session course on Nursery Design and a basic 4-session course on Designing Your Dream Wedding Environment. So to those who are engaged, or thinking about getting married (or if you just want to The-Secret your dream wedding), enroll now!

SoFA also has an Interior Design Teen Summer Camp to help you learn the ins and outs of Interior Design and find out what it takes to become an Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, etc.!

I’m sure a lot of you are intrigued and enticed by these awesome workshops. So make that call! Inquire at the Admissions Office (478-4622 loc. 103) to know more about the schedules, rates and other details. You can contact:

SoFA Design Institute
Nika Daffon
Communications and Admissions Department
478-4622 loc. 103

see you in school? 😉

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