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Love for Kermit

October 9, 2011

I seriously cannot wait to see what THE Kermit Tesoro will come up with at the next Fashion Week.

For a recap, here’s what he showed last May. 🙂

I personally think he’s a genius. Last Fashion Week, he took inspiration from the circulatory system and in his show, you see how he transitioned from wearable body con dresses with hints of hearts and arteries to full blown, literal inside out pieces that showcase the human’s, well, insides – you know, tissues, muscles, veins and all those  other med student terms. You see how each dress develops into the next one; his show seemed to have two mini collections – the wearable ones, and the statement ones. So he really put thought into the order of the dresses and as a spectator, you see that. But seriously though, who’d have thought arteries could look so…fashionable?

Another thing I loved about Kermit’s show is his choice of models. Simply put, not all his models then are straight. The guy got Xtina Superstar to close the show. He’s different and he really knows how to make a statement. It’s designers like him that can help reshape the fashion industry here in the Philippines. Some may say that his designs are raw, but you know what, he rattles the industry and pushes its boundaries. And I think in our somewhat conservative industry, such a bold act should be applauded.

If you disagree with me, that’s fine. But I’m not the only one who appreciates his pieces.

Okay one, his shoes were used in London Fashion Week. Florian Jayet, who was an intern for the late Alexander McQueen, featured Kermit’s shoes in her Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Here’s a pic.

Picture from

Two, shopping site teamed up with Lady Gaga’s Fashion Director, Nicola Formichetti, for a special sale in line with the release of Gaga’s Born This Way album. And guess who Nicola asked to collaborate with her? Course.  Kermit.

Picture from

Sooner or later, Gaga will be wearing Kermit Tesoro. He was already commissioned to come up with outfits for her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards, but the universe (in the form of customs) got in the way. Soon, Kermit. Soon.

Now you get why I’m excited to see his show this October, right?

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  1. October 12, 2011 4:43 pm

    Me too! so excited of what phenomenal collection he will showcase next 🙂 I really wanna watch the show, but I don’t have an invite yet 😦

    Fashion Blogger

    • October 13, 2011 11:44 am

      Right??? Me too! I’m super excited for his show. Yeah, I’m thinking about tickets too! Haha we will get tix don’t worry. 😉

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