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Crochet Overload

July 13, 2011

I’M BACK! yes, after that week-long hiatus, Alyssa Lapid is back 🙂 Sorry boys and girls. I’m such a crammer that I wasn’t able to ready posts before my trip coz I was cramming everything else. Anyhoo, since I haven’t really settled yet (haven’t unpacked yet) I’ll share with you an outfit I wore last week.

In one outfit, I had three crochet items. Interesting. haha I don’t know if I’m getting addicted to crochet (I just bought a crochet vest earlier!) or if I just got excited to use the crochet stuff coz they were all new. Anyway, here are the pics. 🙂

Clothes: White Tank, Target; Crochet Vest, Promod; Crochet clogs, Call It Spring; Bag, Mango; Necklace, Rocky de Castro; Sunglasses, Forever 21

I would like to thank Promod for this amazing vest! 🙂 Thank you thank you so much!

Hope you like the come-back outfit! 😉

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