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Menswear Files: Junsi Agas

May 30, 2011

Menswear: a topic I didn’t think I’d tackle in this blog. Some readers have been asking me to feature menswear as my outfit posts aren’t that helpful to male readers. I’d wear men’s clothes since I love how they look and how comfy they are, but again, they wouldn’t be of much help. (I’ll do my take on menswear some other time.) So, I decided, for the time being, to do a series of menswear posts, featuring styles I like.

Let me start by featuring one of my favorite people ever, Junsi Agas (who was also featured in Garage magazine, mentioned here). We did a shoot featuring 5 outfits that he would usually wear.

Took some of my own shots of him below:

Wanna find out more about his style? Here, we asked some questions for you. 🙂

Name: Junsi Agas

Age: 22

Current Ateneo Law student

Ateneo de Manila University, BS Management Engineering graduate

Comfortable fashion. My style is relaxed yet trendy. I don’t like wearing fashionable clothes which would make me feel uncomfortable or those that would make it hard for me to move, like wearing clothes that are too tight. But I don’t sacrifice my style naman.

Boat shoes and shorts lover. My staple pieces would be boat shoes/loafers and shorts.

Trend setter or follower? I’m not sure if I’m a follower or setter. I just wear what’s comfortable for me.

Main stream addict, He shops at: Zara, Topman, Cotton On, and Dean & Trent.

Dressify-ing. Usually just by wearing a nice jacket, any outfit can turn out dressy. So a nice jacket always comes in handy. Or a nice pair of shades during summer.

Style influence? My girlfriend Erika. If I were to dress up, normally the person who’d influence my style the most would be her. I want to look good when I’m with her.

*I had fun with both of them, especially with the stories in between takes. It was so easy to shoot him! He didn’t need directing at all. Thanks again to both Junsi and Joana. Til the next shoot. 🙂 If you want to see more shots of him, some are posted here. 🙂

Boys and girls, what do you think about his style?

EDIT: Junsi is the Salutatorian from his Ateneo Law School batch. 

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  1. May 4, 2015 7:58 pm

    MY one and only! My idol my crush! OMG! JUNSI AGAS ❤

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