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Busy, Busy Bee

April 5, 2011

Quuuuuick recap of last week’s activities.



Went to Taytay and Marikina for our field trip.

Bought tons of fabric (okay, just 3)

Rode at the back of the tricycle for the FIRST TIME! Haha (I’m usually inside)


Lessons learned:

Don’t wear heels to Taytay. Or to any field trip for that matter.

The less things you bring, the better.

DON’T BE LATE FOR A FIELD TRIP. When I got to school the bus was already moving. Buti nalang they haven’t left yet! Some of my classmates got left behind that they had to commute to go to Taytay.




Went to Divi for an activity for textile class.

Finally got to eat mangga with rock salt. Oh and the rock salt had bits of chili pepper. Mmmmm. Okay, I’m starting to crave for green mangoes again now. Moving on!

Looked for lots and lots of cloth.


Lessons learned:

Nothing bad happened, just so you know. But in Divi, never announce where you got your bag, or whether it’s real or not ESPECIALLY if it’s designer.

Never let anyone touch your bag.

Never let anyone touch the inside of your bag.

Sometimes, it’s better to not be friendly.

Oh, and always bring tissue and sanitizer!




Went to Rockwell for our amazing race for our trends class.

It was uber fun except that I have escalator issues – made worse by the fact that I was wearing 5 inch heels.

Dondi, my partner, and I were probably the last ones to pass the activity but wth. We had fun.




Tried my hand at watercolor at Fillus class.

Listened to a talk by Preview’s beauty editor-at-large Ms. Agoo Bengzon




Listened to the talk by very famous and talented Rajo Laurel whose talk I enjoyed like crazy. (is he Atenean? I find him so galing! Haha)

I’ve already attended more than 3 talks at SoFA and I must say Rajo’s was the one I enjoyed most. Will make a separate entry on Rajo when I get my hands on that fan girl pic of mine.

Rajo totaaally deserves a post of his own. 😉


Oh, by the way, I’ve been buying stuff like crazy this whole week. It’s been my only therapy lately.

Totally lame segway, but this is what I wore over the weekend. HAHAHA

Clothes: Top, Ukay by PH; Jeans, Bazaar; Shoes, Charles and Keith; Necklace, H&M

Wore an all black ensemble again. I know it’s summer already and I should be wearing colorful stuff (and I do, sometimes) but I just missed black. Black as in black on black on black. haha

btw, there was a suggestion from a reader to try putting my hair in a bun. Here you go, Carla! hope you like it 🙂

Crossing my fingers that you enjoyed the look (the haggard look, that is.) Hopefully, I’ll be less haggard real soon.


Oh and…

For those of you who don’t know. It’s my last week of work!

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  1. April 22, 2011 1:55 am

    Love your outfit here! 🙂

  2. Patrick permalink
    April 6, 2011 4:32 pm

    Sabi nga nung MEA shirt natin, “We are MEAnt for more”. Good luck to your future endeavors! 😀

  3. April 5, 2011 3:28 pm

    Hello Ms.Ally! Thanks for doing the hair bun! Love yew! heehee. why last week of work? ow and then Lent? More power 😀

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