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Busy Streets

March 19, 2011

On our way to 7/11 to buy an energy drink for me, Leonard and I decided to do a little shoot. Shots taken along the busy streets of Ayala Avenue.

Clothes: Top, Skirt, belt, coral bracelet and sunglasses, Forever 21; Shoes, Aldo; Wallet, Merona; Gold charm bracelet, HK

Photographed by: Leonard Cheng


Finding myself in a maxi skirt yet again. Am I actually becoming more conservative? HAHA

It was so funny because there was a group of passersby that stopped to watch us take pictures and they were just staring at us the whole time. Actually, a lot of people kept staring and watching but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do – no matter how embarrassing. Besides, I didn’t have my glasses on so I didn’t recognize anybody – I couldn’t see. I’d just feel a teeny tad bit embarrassed if I knew that the people who passed by actually knew who I was and what the ‘shoot’ was for. hahaha but WTH, right? 🙂 Chutzpah is essential nowadays. 😉

Hope you like it. 🙂 Had a LONG day earlier so I’m going to bed. Goodnight everybody! Love you lots! ❤

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  1. March 21, 2011 3:45 pm

    I admire your courage to get your photos taken in front of a lot of people! My boyfriend takes my outfit photos and I’m still too shy to pose.

    Btw, I commented on your curly hair before and after that, I was inspired to create my own blog, hihi.


    • March 23, 2011 6:28 pm

      awww. thank you, Erika! you shouldn’t be shy though. you’re really pretty! (I visited your blog) Just let loose and just have fun with the camera. 🙂

      and wow, I’m so happy that you started your own blog, if I influenced you in any way I’m soooooo glad. Good job though! Keep posting, k dear? Will visit! 😀

  2. March 21, 2011 1:25 pm

    bawal yan bawal! hahaha! buti di kayo hininto ng mga guard 😛

  3. Patrick permalink
    March 20, 2011 1:58 am

    Bilib ako sayo, nakapagpictorial ka pa sa Ayala Ave :))

  4. March 19, 2011 10:00 pm

    Nice set. Love the facial expression.

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