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Maxi high – or Should I Say Long

March 15, 2011

For a girl who’s been addicted to minis all her life – mini dresses, mini skirts (mini shorts?) – it’s so unusual for me to find myself in really long skirts. I think a couple years back I completely killed the notion of me wearing maxi skirts again. Me and my big mouth. haha Now I find myself cooing over skirts with longer hemlines, much to my surprise. Just this afternoon I immediately grabbed really long skirts and merely glanced at the uber gorgeous fitted minis seducing me to buy them.

But believe it or not I surprised myself more with this outfit where everything seems, ummm, covered. haha I usually try to balance it out. No legs = arms, or no arms=legs. Those are the two equations I live by. But just yesterday, I seem to have forgotten both altogether. haha

I think this is the beauty of being a blogger and being a fashion student. You have to push yourself to try new things, things you would never have considered trying before. And you know what, some looks may work, some may not, but I like the fact that now I’m more willing to try (in other words, I’m more willing to fail.)  I know of the comforts of the tried and tested and the fear of the unknown. And this may sound shallow because I’m talking about clothes, but you know what, it made me realize that some risks are worth taking.

Clothes: Top, Aeropostale; Skirt, PH’s car; Shoes, Payless ShoeSource; Belt, H&M; Bracelets, Charlotte Russe and Bazaar

Photographed by my mom


Note to self: I really have to start using a new setting for shoots. haha

Anyway, just came from a talk in Greenbelt about the State of Philippine Design by Brian Tenorio and it got me thinking. Am I really gonna be a designer? I mean I am studying fashion design, but is designing really what I see myself doing?

Haha sorry for the quarter-life crisis I seem to have going on over here. 😐

Anyway, if I may just rant a teeny tiny bit, I had the most hectic schedule today. AND, I got left behind in my field trip coz I didn’t get any sleep and decided to ditch lunch and sleep in my car during the break. When I woke up, they already left! Luckily there were two other girls who were waiting for someone pick them up. So I just hitched with them. Thanks Jezl, Bels and Nicole for being my saviours today. 🙂 After the field trip, had to go back to school, then to work then I had to go to Greenbelt to attend a talk, theeeeeeen go all the way back to work (with tons of mishaps in between, trust me.). In all fairness though, my school, office and Greenbelt are really near each other. It’s just that my day is soooo jampacked. It’s crazeeeeeeh.


Anyway, things are a lot better now thanks to my Vanilla Frap with added espresso. Coffee is the only thing that’s keeping me sane, if you can still call me that. haha

Hope you like the outfit! Thanks for reading my much needed rant. Back to smiles (and work) now. 🙂

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  1. March 17, 2011 11:52 am

    miss ally! i think you should give it a try if you really like designing :)) maybe its in you talaga.. haha kahit stressed maganda ka pa rin wow! 😀 miss ally request po, make a hairbun 😀 hihi

    • March 23, 2011 6:24 pm

      i really dont know what to do yet. 😦 but i will. 🙂 sana nga it’s in me. thank you so much for that. 🙂 awww, thanks, Carla. you’re so sweet. I super appreciate your comments by the way. ❤ hairbun? sige, I will try that and post pictures. 🙂 thanks for all the words of encouragement and for the suggestions. keep em coming! 😀

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