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Defying Dress Codes

October 5, 2010

There are tons of wishes of employees with required dress codes. Among them would be wearing slippers to work (oh how I miss my Havaianas 😦 ), wearing jeans, shorts and t-shirts. But my personal woe is that I can’t wear ‘sexy’ clothes to work (read: minis and sleeveless tops). This is a problem for me coz most of my clothes are, well, short or sleeveless.

I absolutely love the corporate look. I like playing dress up and being all business-y (okay, just sounded like a total ditz 2 seconds ago, but still.) I like looking like I have a meeting every single day. But I also wish corporate could be a little sexier: a little more skin, a little less formal. whatchathink? Just to clarify, I am not, in any way, trying to diss my company’s dress code policy. (Just had to clarify, for my job’s sake. haha) I just wish I could wear my clothes to work without stuffing just-in-case stockings and jackets in my purse. 😐 (and yes, I already kept a pair of stockings in my bag so I could easily slip them on if someone comments that my outfit is too short, hello HR haha).

Plus, I firmly believe that corporate CAN be sexy, not to mention, versatile. Slacks are, of course, staples and are very comfy, really. Especially leggings. But showing some skin is good too. Right? right? Anyway, here’s one of the outfits I wish I could wear to work but never will because, even I admit, it’s a little too short.  Evaluate and enjoy. Or just enjoy. 😉

Photographed by: Joana Velasquez

Clothes: Blazer, custom made. Dress, Forever 21. Bag, Mango. Shoes, Parisian. Ring, Forever21.

Btw, I just started using lookbook. Please hype my look at or Thank you lots 🙂

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